Hi! I am Him Singh

Your Freelancing coach

I believe everyone should have equal opportunities! 

Regardless of your financial background, you should be able to make a living online by learning new age digital skills. 

I offer high quality, affordable courses and mentorships to help you become a world class freelancer. 

About me.

I am a freelance web designer and marketer. Teaching is my passion and thats why I create videos on freelancing, web design, sales and marketing on my YT channel. My mission is to help you start your freelancing journey and become a successful freelance business owner without any stress, overwhelm and wasting tons of money. I mostly work with international clients and encourage you to do so. India has tons of talented people just like you and I believe that talent shouldn’t have borders, every Indian should be able to make a living online selling their skills to global marketplace.



Step One

Purchase the course and login


Step Two

Learn at your own pace and get certified


Step Three

Have doubts join in for weekly live coaching calls

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